Pre-Certification Horsemanship Training

Horsemanship Training for Professionals

Want to Take One of Our Certification Programs but Don’t Have the Horsemanship Skills?

No problem, we will teach you key horsemanship skills so you can take our program and start our monitoring program today.

Horse Therapy

H.T.C.C. Horsemanship For Professionals

HTCC understands that many clinicians have the clinical skills to start their career in Equine Assisted Therapy but they may not have all of the requisite Horse Handling Skills. H.T.C.C. offers a 3-day, intensive horsemanship program for applicants who have all of the professional qualifications, yet do not have all of the horse experience. This additional program will help you launch your practice, and will provide ongoing support and continued monitoring for your new business. 

This Program Includes


3-day Intensive Horsemanship Program


Hands-on Experience


How to Avoid and Diffuse Dangerous Situations


How to Read and Interpret Horse Behaviour / Language


How to Keep Clients Physically Safe During Sessions


How to Choose Your Therapy Team / Herd

Once applicants have graduated from this program, they will be able to register in our Equine Assisted Therapist Certification Program. After the graduate has completed both programs, H.T.C.C. requires the following to maintain certification status:


200 Logged Hours of Hands-On Horse Handling


30 Hours of Supervised Hands-On Horse Handling


Both requirements are to be completed within 6 months after the Completion of the Equine Assisted Therapist Certification.

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