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What is the Difference Between Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT)?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a learning modality that incorporates horses for learning outcomes. It focuses on teaching psychosocial skills such as communication, active listening, leadership, teamwork, and much more.

Equine Assisted Therapy is a mental health treatment that focuses on helping mental health clients overcome and heal their emotional health, mental health, social health, and behavioural issues. Equine Assisted Therapy can ONLY be performed by a licensed mental health professional and not an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.

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What are the Benefits of Being Certified as an Equine Assisted Therapist?

Just like all modalities, certification is about doing your due diligence to ensure that you are providing a knowledgeable, skillful, and ethical service. There are some insurance companies and registering bodies that require that you become certified in all modalities that you are using in therapy.

Horse Therapy Centre of Canada leads an extensive Equine Assisted Therapist training that will teach you how to confidently incorporate Equine Assisted Therapy into other common modalities. You will leave with the confidence to work in the field and even start your own clinic. Plus, having a certification in the field shows your future clients that you are professional, trained and that they can trust you.

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We provide certification that is designed to provide comprehensive training for mental health professionals to become competent and effective practitioners of the H.T.C.C. Model of Equine Assisted (Psycho)Therapy.

H.T.C.C Model

H.T.C.C. teaches three approaches to Equine Assisted Therapy to equip all graduates with the skills that they will need to provide services to all client populations:

• One-to-One – including a mental health professional, client, and equine partner

• One-to-Many – including a mental health professional, group of clients, and equine partner(s)

• Group – including two (2) or more mental health professionals, group of clients, and equine partners

H.T.C.C. Model of Equine Assisted Therapy does not include horseback riding. Graduates will learn how to facilitate on-ground therapy using deliberate ‘games’ to create effective experiences for their clients. All certification programs with H.T.C.C. include:

• 12 ground only ‘games’ to use with clients

• 3 group program plans

• Specific examples for incorporating common Therapy Modalities into Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions

H.T.C.C. Model of Equine Assisted Therapy focuses on therapy outcomes only. Graduates will learn how to incorporate their professional skills into an Equine Assisted Therapy practice that will help clients heal with proven results.

Who Can Be Certified?

H.T.C.C. Certification is designed for mental health professionals

Minimum requirements for professionals


All applicants must have one of the following:

  1. Minimum college-level education and training with a diploma in same.
  2. Degree in a mental health field or include mental health as a scope of practice.


Must perform within your scope of practice and follow all provincial / state and / or country laws and regulations regarding said practice.

  1. Applicant practices under a governing board / body.
  2. Applicant is held accountable as a member of an association / board / body.
  3. Applicants is under professional supervision by a supervisor that is held accountable by a governing association / board / body.


Must have minimum of two-years experience handling or caring for horses.**

* To be qualified, a board / association must have the ability to revoke registration, certification, accreditation or licensure for ethical or scope of practice violations relating to mental health practice

**If applicant does not have this direct experience with horses, we can offer on-site training (see Horsemanship Training Below).

What’s Included

H.T.C.C. Equine Assisted Therapist Certification provides participants with business training and information so participants can begin their new careers immediately!


Theory-based lessons in a classroom setting will teach graduates how to incorporate Equine Assisted Therapy into their practices, how to strategically integrate their skill sets and training into their new E.A.T. practice, and how to launch an E.A.T. business. Theory-based lessons include:

  • Understanding Horses and Horse Language / Behaviour
  • How to integrate common Modalities into E.A.T.
  • Which Populations to Work With
  • Benefits of Individual and Group Therapy
  • How to Co-Facilitate E.A.T.
  • How to Choose & Maintaining Quality Horses
  • How to Start Your E.A.T. Practice today
    – Important and Mandatory Steps to
    -Starting Your Business
    -Liability Releases
  • How to Find Clients
  • Which Government and Non-Government Organizations to Contact
  • Branding Your Business
  • Launching Your Business

Graduates will receive practical application of their new skills through live, hands-on experience. While working with members of our team and the public, graduates will learn:

  • How the ‘games’ work & how to incorporate them into E.A.T. practice
  • How to facilitate private and group therapy sessions
  • How to facilitate experiential sessions that achieve goals & outcomes
  • How to create safety in the sessions yet allow for freedom
  • How to stop unsafe horse behaviours before they occur
  • How to incorporate common Modalities into the sessions
  • How to choose and train therapy horses
Ongoing Support

Graduates will go home with a package of everything they need to immediately start their Equine Assisted Therapy Practice. Your take-home package will include:

  • Complete bound manual of exercises which includes:
    • 12 ground-only ‘games’ and how to use them
    • 3 Group Therapy Plans
  • ​USB with the following:
    • all handouts from the training
    • useful handouts and homework for clients
    • helpful practice information
    • review of peer-reviewed research articles and current focuses of therapy
Horsemanship Training (Optional)

H.T.C.C. offers a 3-day, intensive horsemanship program for applicants who have all of the professional qualifications, yet do not have horse experience. This additional program will help you launch your practice, and will provide ongoing support and continued monitoring for your new business. This program includes:

  • 3-day Intensive Horsemanship Program
  • Hands-on Experience
  • How to Avoid and Diffuse Dangerous Situations
  • How to Read and Interpret Horse Behaviour / Language
  • How to Keep Clients Physically Safe During Sessions
  • How to Choose Your Therapy Team / Herd

Once applicants have graduated from this program, they will be able to register in our Equine Assisted Therapist Certification Program. After the graduate has completed both programs H.T.C.C. requires the following to maintain certification status:

  • 100 Logged Hours of Hands-On Horse Handling
  • 30 Hours of Supervised Hands-On Horse Handling
  • Both requirements are to be completed within 6 months after the of Completion of Programs
Included In Retreat
  • 3-day Intensive Horsemanship Program in Cali, Colombia
  • Your stay and meals
  • Same Trusted Training Program
  • All transportation to and from the airport
  • Organized outings and tours ($$)
  • Personal staff member to organize your retreat

Why Are We Different?

Horse Therapy Centre of Canada is much different from other training programs that are available. You will learn directly from real, experienced and highly specialized Equine Assisted Therapists. We will teach you how to incorporate your horse experience and therapeutic modalities into your Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions, how to provide experiential therapy, and how to take your new career and start your own business today.

Why Should You Choose Us?

H.T.C.C. is an authority in the Equine Assisted Therapy sector. We have a well-established practice that is widely recognized within the professional and client communities throughout North and South America. Beside the extensive and professional training that you will receive from our programs, you will also be certified with our name behind you. You will go home knowing that ​you have a strong organization backing you up.

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